WZ got KIDNAPPED! By Me ^^

Went to buy breakfast early, I mean not so early, but still in time for breakfast. Zhu Zhu drove to Kovan, while I guided him the road. He wasn’t very familiar with the manual car. The last time he drove one, was like… 5 years ago. Anyway, wasn’t that bad for the whole journey. We only managed to go out to study at around 2pm, at Singapore Post Centre. It wasn’t exactly that empty because there were some events over there but luckily we found a seat. Studied for only 3 hours and we went for dinner with my parents at Bugis Junction. Had Ajisen Ramen and then after that, ice-cream at Swensen! And there’s a ONE-for-ONE promotion!

But all of that isn’t important. The most important thing is… WZ got kidnapped by me!

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