Enough Rest For Brain

Cool… I’m back in office and its almost lunch time! Rest? Alright, at least its enough for my brain to start working today. Just finished the script that Vinc was rushing me last night. I hardly get to hug my Darling last night. I really just dozed off till my Dad came to fetch me. Darling was quite pissed ‘cos his trainee, who just finished his NS and came in, had his salary same as him. Who wouldn’t be pissed… But what to do… Will try to get my JLPT 3 this year and then MCPD by next year. Ganbatte!

Finished my lunch and back to the office. Tired. Having headaches. IR will be leaving this week… Can see that he’s already in his holiday mood. I’ve still got a list of things to finish but… no mood… The Christmas door gifts. Headache. What should we get? Milk & Milo… Hmm… Are these suitable names for our kids in the future? Think they’ll kill us…

NN just asked me to save… Why am I not saving??

I almost want to puke when BY sent an email, with a photo of a car model… an ugly, fat, hairy, middle-aged guy wearing a bunny suit. *VOMIT*

Remember the gift exchange? Last year, I chose the one whom I don’t like ‘cos he kept bugging me for Mantis. This year… I chose the one whom I wished so much I hadn’t chose too. Know who he is? Guess…

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