Why? Oh Why?

Hmm… Am I really that old and need to get married? Why everyone is starting to ask me?? *Stress* Sigh… Went to HDB website and take a look last night. Do you know how much is the new flat in Telok Blangah? $300,000 – $400,000!!! Thats like almost double of what I used to get in Buangkok, and near to an MRT! Damn it…

NN reminded me again that… I should plan ahead. WZ is the only child. He had to take care of his mum. He stays in a bloody expensive area. I have an elder sister, whom currently still doesn’t seem like she started saving, yet. I need to take care of my two parents… Oh… My… Oh… My… I WANT LOTS OF MONEY!

Is it that difficult to give a present to someone whom you really don’t like? Actually… sometimes let bygones be bygones but maybe sometimes… its really that difficult. GF just now chose Stan as his exchange gift partner. His reaction was really strong. Soft yet determined. He just refused to buy it for him. I don’t know what happened then but I guess GF just be really pissed with that guy. The extremely naggy guy. Oh well, I’m going to meet CT and friends now. Bye!

CT treated us to the Crystal Jade BBQ food at Centrepoint. Its all Korean food. Not very nice. We finished discussing all the things. Then I went home and was talking to WZ about the house again. Sigh… Why does he have to be the only child?

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