Everything Goes Wrong

Bad day… Bad day… I went to tighten my braces early in the morning but because I left from WZ’s place and took a cab down, I reached there like 20 minutes earlier. Earlier is good, I finished earlier too, which I hadn’t expected. And it was too early for my body treatment. I called Body Wellness but they don’t have an earlier slot available, so I canceled it because I didn’t want to wait for the treatment for 2 hours. I went to meet WZ at Bt Merah but waited the bus for like 20 minutes before it FINALLY came. We reached there and when I was about to start working, I realized that I didn’t install Macromedia Flash inside the notebook. =.=”’ Then I tried connecting to the internet with the password and the wireless was so damn unstable till I gave up. Vista used up too much power, so I tried changing it to a battery saving plan then I shut the notebook down. Thought everything was over? NO. I never bring my Japanese Language book to study, so I ended up eating my lunch. And after that when I finished and wanted to use the notebook again. Guess what? The notebook HASN’T shut down. And it was freaking hot! Know why? ‘Cos the battery saving plan apparently takes a damn long time to shut down! Terrible… We went back to his house after that but because I hadn’t touched Flash for a long time… i didn’t get to finish it… Slept at 2am.

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