Dennis & Clarise

After so many quarrels, they finally got married. Today is the day. I woke up at 6am, hardly slept much but yes, I need to wake up. Lilian & Delphine came around 7.30am but we managed to reach CT’s sister’s house at TPY by 8am. Then it started… We made the mixture… Bittergourds, lemons, chilli padi and a little bit of honey. This will be the punishment for DC& his brothers. Next is to tell Heath, CT’s brother. The main thing was done. CT look extremely beautiful that day. Emanuel B Couture, seems really nice. With Chris Ling’s studio photography. And then Lance from Secret Heaven. Nice… But expensive. Oh well, can always use for reference. Anyway, DC came and he shouted from downstairs, a few times ‘cos we couldn’t hear it. Then it was at the door, he drank, answered, sang, posed and gave the ang baos! $788, that was what we got. Its really good, managed to cover my ang bao for the banquet! ^^

Was a tiring day, because I went to DC’s house to finish the montage after everything ended around 2.30pm. Went to WZ’s house for dinner after that. Its quite true… regarding what SS said quite a while ago. Why do friends have to be so tired, when you are the one getting married? One thing really bad about their wedding… They too last minute… really too last minute… I lack of sleep again… Getting headaches…

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