The Montage

I’ve got a few hours to finish up the montage. It ended up not too bad, after ending the songs. Simple but not bad. Thats all I can do for them. But… TIRING!! Too last minute… Too last minute… I only knew on the spot that I am in-charged of IT. *faintz* Luckily the guy in charge of the AV was nice enough to help me extend the wiring to where I sat*phew*, else I think I will have to walk here and there. JY went too… Sigh… At first I was a bit worried that it will be rather awkward. But you know what? He and WZ started chatting and chatting and shooting me together! As if they were really good friends for a long time! =.=”’ *PUI* But well, at least its better… though.

Everything finally ended. I went home. Totally shag. But yes, its over… I did my first montage. Suddenly I felt like doing things related to wedding again…

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