Had A Nice Sleep… zzz

So nice!!! To sleep beside Zhu Zhu… Heehee… Last night slept at his place then went to work from there. Its not too bad to stay with him but… not too often. Think if its too often, I’ll get very uneasy. Especially when everything seems so… I still like to have a place of my own. Should I buy a condominium on my own instead? Hmm… Never mind, shan’t think of this at the moment. I’m waiting for him to finish his exams, then go and have lunch with him. ^^

I just had lunch with WZ. He came to fetch me after his exams. YEAH! He finished his exams already! Can rest! But I haven’t… *CRY* Hmm… Never see CC online these few days… Must be go tour, or study at home, or preparing for her wedding. Hmm… I’m so sleep now… But can’t sleep… Why? Because I’m working! Looking at this photo which I took with CT on her wedding. Very nice! Very pretty!

Oh yes! I’m officially in the Security Interest Group! Hmm… I think I’m really so KPO… =.=”’

Below is my nickname in my MSN now:
.. .- — -. ..- – … :: @.@ terribly lack of sleep… :: 私は待っている :: 06’09 :: 幸福的敏敏

If I’m going to be home and then my cousin J and his family are going to be in my house often… O.O”’ Alright, I’ve got my bed. I need to get the mattress and the bedsheet. Almost argued with WZ again because of the game… Maybe I should really stop playing. Slept early today, hopefully tomorrow I won’t feel so tired.

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