“My IDOL!” MUAK x infinity

I’m on leave today! And so is Zhu Zhu. Went to buy my mattress for $210. Will be delivered tomorrow. Then I went OG at Bugis with my mum, Godmum and Tyra. And then willfully gotten WZ to come down! ^^ In the end, I bought 2 bedsheets, one chosen by Zhu Zhu (a yellow colour bedsheet with lots of hearts and the words ‘Loving You Always’) and another by me (a white colour bedsheet with circles). And then the funny thing came… That niece of mine, Tyra, suddenly held on to WZ’s hand and started kissing away… =.=”’

Today is a very fun day. I helped Tyra tied two buns on her head but then… I lost my earrings… The diamond one… The one I bought in Chomel… WZ came to my house after the shopping… Then he went back on his own… Sigh… Maybe we should really buy a car…

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