Yes! Its BBQ DAY! I woke up, feeling so tired but forced myself to sleep till 10am. WZ working today so I helped my mum prepared some of the things for the BBQ. And sadly, taught my youngest cousin to study. He’s afraid of me. But… I think I don’t have a choice. I’ve got no patience when coming to teaching children and him? He’s so lazy… not stupid, just lazy. Anyway, he got scolded by me again till he almost cried out till my Dad came home with lunch. Then… thats when my Dad pisses my mum off… AGAIN. Seems like they always argue recently. What happened? Well, we were supposedly going to East Coast at around 4pm but in the end, my Dad said that he had an appointment for massage at 3pm, so he had to send us there at around 2pm. It was already 12.30pm when he said that and none of us bathed yet, nor even really prepared, of course my mum was pissed! She hates to be rushed. Nobody likes it. Anyway, when I saw my mum going to flare up soon, I quickly said we’ll take a cab down. Sigh…

So in the end, WZ came to Hougang to meet us. Dad came back at around 5pm to fetch us. My sis and DW came back too. And funnily, my Dad basically just dropped my mum and godmum at the carpark and went off… =.=”’ Well… at least the BBQ wasn’t that bad though I almost failed to start up the fire. Sis came to help me. DW’s friends did the barbecuing after that. The two aunties took the chair and sat by the seaside. My sis went to sleep soon after… and all the way… Me? Walked here and there with my little Zhu Zhu. Dad came at around 1am+ and we went home after that. Slept at 3am. K.O.

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