My Dearest Sister

Tired… Tired… Tired… Why is the weekend so tired…? We were so lazy to go and buy food, so in the end, I tried to cook but was… -.-”’ Luckily my mum woke up and saved me!

My sis went to Wild Wild Wet early in the morning… Wonder where they got the energy to go and play still… I tried to study but failed really badly. Ended up playing MJ with my mum, godmum and WZ. Won $3.30. Dad went to massage at around 7pm. Sis and DW came home extremely tired. WZ went home alone after that again. I think we should really buy a car.

My sis… Hmm… I’m a bit worried about her. Friday there’s a lawyer letter for her saying “Final Notice”. And a lady called her on Friday too. Today, there’s another lawyer letter stating the same thing. I wonder what she did but she won’t say… Sigh…

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