6 More Days

*Phew* Finally able to catch my breath after lunch. For the whole morning, I couldn’t get myself to start working. But after I came back, I did the work, till now, almost 5pm. Tired… I think I really need to save… a lot. For the car, for the wedding, house, kids… for my future. But… Everytime when I looked at the things that I owed, I get really depressed. Thousands and thousands of money. Where do I get them from?

I got my organizer! Its not those beautiful nice nice ones but its good enough for me to keep track of things and to set targets. I went to Zhu Zhu’s place for dinner just now. His mum cooked pasta. He “forced” her to cook it… quite funny sometimes, when you see the way they lives. I studied a bit of Japanese Language but realized that I can’t really study at his house when he’s around. Too distracting. We took the Lornie Road back home and it was so far! An extra 10-15 minutes just to get away from the stupid ERP. I want to get a car! A white picanto. Went for supper after that. WZ was too hungry.

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