Where are all the gentlemen? I was rather pissed today. It was still hot and bright at Hougang but when I reached Harbourfront at around 9.10am, it was raining very heavily. And not wanting the last shuttle bus to go off, I took out my small little yellow umbrella and braved the rain, which proves to be rather useless against that rain. But no, thats not the thing that pisses me off. When the bus eventually came and everyone was “lining” up to go up slowly because the entrance to the bus wasn’t really covered, it was my turn when suddenly as I stood there, one stupid Indian guy just cut the queue and went up the stairs! SHIT HIM! I stood there under the rain waiting for him to go up! What’s the logic? Can’t he wait? There’s getting lesser and lesser gentlemen! Its the same as the seats in the MRT. You can see more guys fighting to sit than girls. HA!

My blood is boiling. I can feel my blood pressure rising. How I wished I can kill people (HB in particular). ITS ONLY A SMALL F***ING TASK, WHY CAN’T HE EVEN HELPED! KNNBCCB!

I was just asked to be the TL for the 2 projects – 8 days and data migration. But why don’t I feel happy at all? Maybe because it affects my decision? SK just showed us a website. Done by some Chinese for $10,000. Its good. Almost the same. She asked us to be aware. In the meeting just now, WT left. He seems irritated. Who wouldn’t? When the team building doesn’t really helped…

Went home after the Security Watchfire. Hmm… Wasn’t too bad for a start. Took cab home with my buddy – WCK. He didn’t know that the staff can claim cab fare if after 8.30pm. Anyway, he stays just a few blocks away from me. I slept at around 10.30pm. Zhu Zhu wanted to sleep early. Quite good. I’m really tired too. Never study Japanese Language.

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