I Want To Fly!

3 months… I’ll give myself 3 months to achieve whatever that I planned to. 3 months. I know I can fly… and I want to NOW!

GOODNESS! I didn’t know its already 6pm until NN messaged me and said that she’s going home! OMG!

Finally all completed… Hours and hours of doing reporting… Tiring… but… it all seems so fun! But too bad EZ ain’t joining. Seems like she’s given up from all the things that they promised. Till she don’t feel like thinking anymore. Me? I’m not counting on my prospects in this company but its more of a “SELF-ACHIEVEMENT”. I want to prove to myself, after sleeping for so long, that I ain’t lousy. ‘Cos I DO feel not so competent after doing the same thing for too long. Anyway, I got WT to help me along. I’m not that discipline so maybe its good to get one ADULT to help me. I know my limits… I can fly… really HIGH! GO! GO! GO!

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