Planning For Next 3 Months

Good morning! I woke up at 6.45am. Oh yes, I’m nuts… I know, I know, I know. But I’m TOO EXCITED to SLEEP! Having the thought of planning for the next 3 months just seems so exciting! Scary, challenging but yet so exciting! And I just couldn’t sleep! How can I waste my time sleeping right?? Unless my Zhu Zhu is around! Anyway, think I’ll spend the morning doing some planning first before I start my Japanese Language. Just now went to reply to some email. Heehee… I’m so ON! Wait and see… I’LL BE BACK!

Just had a simple facial mask. So cooling! But suddenly I felt so sleepy. Maybe I should go and take a nap?

Damn! I never study for the whole day! After doing the mask, then I started playing the game because there’s supposedly extra drops! Then after that I went to cook corn to eat, then rest a while Tyra came over. Then after that lunch and I rested again and then I took a short nap and tada! Its 4pm! I quickly prepared and went out at 5pm… Erm… Yes, more or less like that and I went to WZ’s house. Went to Sakae Sushi for dinner with him mum where his mum kept complaining about the food not being nice to eat and freaking expensive =.=”’ Hmm… Anyway, we went to watch “The Kingdom” after that which wasn’t too bad. Took a bus back to his house and slept shortly after.

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