Ready? Set. Go!

I woke up feeling rather fresh. I need to start my engine today but a lot of things seems to be on my mind. House… Its really not so feasible to get a house at such an expensive area. Isn’t it? Resale flats… I need lots of cash. Do I have that? No, I still don’t want to stay with the in-laws. Sometimes its really maddening when the guys isn’t excited or enthusiastic about marriage. But… I think I’m not going to care, am I? But how could I not? When everything thats being delayed, will eventually affect me TOO! Plan… I need to plan…

Just talked to CC. She didn’t take JLPT 3 yesterday. Hmm… Should have tried and took it. Doesn’t really matter anyway.

I’m now trying to plan the things that I need to do. Its A LOT… But then, I felt organized and motivated. I must GANBATTE!

Life is like fighting a war… Its either you fight for your life, or you die… Do I like this kind of working life? The answer is NO. But do I have a choice? The answer is NO. Not not that I don’t have a choice but… I won’t be able to make it to the top.

We always went back to the same topic. No… My stand is clear, I can only compromise till that. Not that I don’t understand his position but its just that I know myself too well. So well that I know I will have problem staying together with his mum. Its not his mum’s fault. Totally none. Its me, just me, yes, me again. I can jolly well keep quiet and don’t say anything but will I be happy? Give me a good reason why I should get married? WHY? WHY IS IT ALWAYS LIKE THAT? Can’t I have a much easier choice? I’m tired… I really am…

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