Give Me A Break

I’m tired. Not enough sleep. Didn’t sleep well last night. And early in the morning, I received messages. Sometimes I really don’t feel like logging into my MSN account in the morning. I can’t even breathe and then I had to start work. Its choking. Yes, honestly, I AM bothered by last night’s conversation. Why? Because its not the first time we debated over it. Didn’t I lay down my options very clearly? (1) Stay near my parents, his mum stay with us. (2) Stay near his mum, we stay alone. But now? I need to compromised till its only for the first 2 years. And there doesn’t seems to be any leeway for me to choose the location that I want to, even when that area is so expensive and hardly any new flats. Where does the cash come from? Why? Tell me why I really should get married when I can be independent!

3.43pm. I’m too tired to continue. Not going to stay for the WatchFire. I’m too tired. Will go watch Enchanted with Zhu Zhu and then go home to rest. Tomorrow then I’ll ganbatte. But for now, I’ll try to finish whatever I could.

I log into this blog, had wanted to write something inside at around 6.30pm. But now, its 15 minutes later, I’m so busy till I forgotten about it… Will go off at around 7pm. My brain is dead.

Enchanted was SO NICE!! I LOVE THE SONGS ENOUGH!! *singing* It’s such fun to hum… A happy working song… *LOL* Oh… I’m going to sing everyday! Its been so so long since I sang!

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