8 Days To Staging

Today will be the day of deployment for 8 days… Hopefully everything goes well but till now… The codes are NOT ready yet! DAMN IT! Should have said so earlier! Kept pushing the date doesn’t help one! Well well, never mind, I learned a lesson…

I hate last minute work… and I haven’t had my lunch… *CRY*

I feel really frustrated but yet happy… I think I’m going nuts. Its 9.11pm now. I felt like I just finished fighting a wall. No, I mean war… My brain is dead. Totally dead. I have no idea what I want to do now so… I’m writing in the blog. From lunch, after BY helped to buy a packet rice for me, I tried to solve something. Something which was caused by SOMETHING ELSE, which can be solved so much earlier. But its alright… I solved it… And then, they came a request, asking us to capture the before-deployment screen shots. And stupidly this was supposed to be done by the user who were be doing the testing but f***ingly they never and we had to do it because its FOR testing purpose. Oh yes… I haven’t had the time to sort that out YET. So I did… And requested the help of HB, M and Reg. Then HY finally came back and I asked him to help too. Then he said that he was OFFICIALLY OUT for a long time and had no idea what is happening. He was only helping because he felt obliged to. Sigh… That was rather maddening at first but after that… I realized its not his fault. Its a BIG, HUGE communication error. An extremely big project with only ONE PM handling like 10 small projects, concurrently running AT THE SAME TIME and HAVE TO run at the same time because its all dependent on each other. AND the worst thing is… we are short handed EVERYWHERE. Nobody can care much. What do I learn from there? Take care of yourself. Then after finally finishing capturing, not really finishing, but in general, we capture the shots, suddenly someone asked me to send the package to him. I did. Why? Because I thought that the QA had agreed with the higher people that they could get the package from me. But its alright. The package was deployed after some corrections and then I was asked quite urgently to merge my codes into UAT, just to double check that my codes are alright in Production. Fine, logically for me. And so I did, merged, including other small cases because there’s no TL in my team at the moment. Solving all those things which I never notice… and then TADA! I think I have no idea what I’m doing already. And that is now… I’m staring at the screen but my mind is in a blank. BLANK. I wished so much that I can hug my Darling now… *SOB*

At work… I always felt like I’m stuck in between…

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