Darling Going JB

Got woken up by WZ but it wasn’t too bad, at least I managed to have quite a good sleep. WZ supposedly, was going to JB at around 10am. But who knows, L’s dad drove the car out! I have no idea why but I think its a lack of communication. In the end, they only went JB at around 2pm. I went out with my family and got myself a dress and a bag! ^^ Went to Jerk Thai for dinner. Eek… not nice… and expensive! 6 of us, and the total cost was like $100!

Darling came back at around 9pm. Bought the Hairspray, The Heartbreak Kid and Good Luck Chuck. Couldn’t find the Roller Coaster Tycoon but R said he might have it. Oh yes! R is attached! Good for him! Heard that L also has a target now, and is “attacking” through MSN. I’m so tired still…

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