Felt Cheated

I do… I really do… On one hand, whatever I told her, she seems disgusted but then on the other, she’s promoted. I’m puzzled. Am I the one that’s too naive? I trust people too much? Maybe I shouldn’t tell so much to people… Maybe I shouldn’t… Didn’t had a good sleep last night. I kept thinking of this. What does he want me to do? Am I not showing enough? Or that isn’t what he want?

Alright. I found my answer. You know what happened? EZ told him that she didn’t want to continue in developing software ‘cos she’s not so good technically. And it just happens that there’s a vacancy there. So he helped her… But he can’t help too many. Asked me to be patient… But how long can I wait?… End of February… After I got my bonus… I have my limits also…

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