1cm Of Difference

I’ve been reading this book lend by WT – 1公分的输赢. I lost by the fact that they got a new PM to replace the old one… And that I never mentioned it to him first. Or I did? I need to give myself a date… Else I’ll just keep on exceeding… No, that isn’t what I wanted… Either I get promoted or I go. Its just that clear.

Half a day already gone. I’m busy replying emails and modifying the codes… And then, as I was clearing my emails just now, I saw one email… EY was asking around to see if any teams will be affected by some changes. So EZ replied and asked him to take care of a few things (which… I don’t think was what EY wants to know). So when EY saw this, its like asking him to do more things. And then EZ wasn’t very happy and shot back another email… Hmm… Hmm… She’s an APM now… Does it makes any difference? YES! HER SALARY IS DIFFERENT!

Hungry… Meetings and meetings and more meetings… And my pasta isn’t here yet…

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