HDB Showroom

We went to the HDB Showroom in the morning from his house. Well, he seems to like it quite a lot. Wasn’t too bad. Went to study at MOS Burger after that. But not for long, only till 4pm. And it was drizzling… So in the end, we had to ride in the rain, back to his house.

Tonight, we are going to Leon’s house for gaming. Terrible… Everything that can go wrong, went wrong. Me and WZ rode to Leon’s house and dropped our things. Then we went to pick R up and was supposedly going to Bt Timah for dinner but there’s no parking lots, so we, after going in circles, ended up eating at Clementi. Then when we finally went to play, we realized that R never install the game in his notebook! We had to wait but things went wrong. Couldn’t update, couldn’t install. We finally gave up at about 11.30pm. R took a cab and went back. We continued… but then… Our defense wasn’t high enough… and… we gave up… after our characters kept on dying…

Leon sent us down and was complaining about not having a place to play game and asked us to get married soon and WZ simply replied “We just went to look at the HDB flats in the morning.”

After that? I gave him the wrong directions and we took BKE… took 50 minutes to reach home. Oops… Got scolded by mum ‘cos I never called home.

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