I’m A No-HP Babysitter!

Terrible day… Terrible day… But yet… it seems nice… fun… For the whole day, I never do any work. Ever since after lunch, I became a nanny. YB’s daughter (Jingxuan) came, and Irene’s too (Yuxin). So I volunteered to babysit them since the rest are rather busy. So first, its Dora, then its Hi-5, and then BY’s daughter (Jingyi) came too! And then it became more and more chaotic as the girls became “warmed” up. Me? I had to chase them here and there, played with them. And have to take extra care to the small little one – Yuxin. But she’s cute. After the whole event, I was SO tired… It made me wonder if I really want any kids. I do… BUT definitely NOT more than 2! *LOL*

Company dinner wasn’t too bad. I was so hungry by the time the dinner started. Lucky draw? Hmm… Wasn’t that lucky enough to win the first prize. But wasn’t too bad, at least I managed to won the 19th prize – $150 Takashimaya voucher. Packed some food for Zhu Zhu and I left at for Dhoby Ghaut. Felt so handicap for the whole day ‘cos I forgotten to bring my hp… What’s worse? For the whole day, I’m unable to contact my Darling at all. When I finally saw him, I was so so so so SO happy! ^^ Well, what a day… being a babysitter… Kinda miss them… especially when they kept hugging at me…

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