National Treasure – Me? ^^

It felt so nice to see my Darling beside me the first thing I woke up. Yes… I love that feeling! Today is a Public Holiday – Hari Raya Haji. We never managed to go out till around 3pm. Drove my sister’s car and went to Compass Point to get DW’s present and MY present (from Darling). Well… failed rather badly. He had wanted to get a set of bra and panties for me but after some considerations (we will be opening the presents in front of everyone), he decided not to. So we went to look at some accessories… but then soon, he starts having headaches. So cute! In the end, he said he’ll go and search for it on Saturday.

Went to meet Leon and one of his friends, Danny, who came back from Aussie. Went to eat Yu Tou Lu at Kovan. Leon got lost again. Terrible. Then I saw Yuan Yuan having dinner with him mum over there too. He looks the same. After the dinner, we decided to go home. And so Skyes drove my sister’s car and sent me home with Leon following behind. Then I reached home and settled down. But just a while later, Skyes called me and said that we were going to watch National Treasure. So we did, and I followed. The movie wasn’t too bad. And Leon said that I’m the National Treasure. If Skyes ever did anything wrong to me. He and Danny will kill him! *LOL* I’ve got a lot of helps!

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