Ballot Results

Today, in another 8 minutes time, I should know about the ballot results for the HDB flat. Nobody knew that I’m applying for it, other than probably just me and Skyes, and his mum. Yes, its better to keep it low-key. Just heard some news today. Syl and Xiaoxiao got a flat (BTO – Coral Spring) in SK. But it won’t be ready till 4 years later. And then… LL most likely will be migrating to Holland… *sob*… I’m rather sad… I mean, of course I’m happy that she finally found the one she loves but… its so far away… And its not as if she’ll come back… She’s going to get married there… I’m gonna miss her… *sob*

Oh… Queue number B0498… Think can forget about getting a flat already. There’s only 315 flats available, including 4- and 5-rooms… Sigh… Well, its just too bad… Think will have to consider saving money… MORE money…

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