“Orange” Spells “TROPICANA”

Zhu Zhu went to work so I stayed at home and taught Ah Xin to study. It was really terrible. I really mean REALLY. His English was so so very bad. I asked him to spell out “Banana” and he kept on repeating “B-A-N-A-N”… and stopped. Then when he finally knew how to, and we went to Hougang Mall, asked him to go to the juices section to spell out “Orange” for us, he came back and spelled “T-R-O-P-I-C-A-N-A”. =.=”’

Anyway, I bought his Christmas gift, a dolphin bear and then bought an exercise English book for him. After that I went home and took the car and waited at Buangkok MRT for Zhu Zhu. Yes, I drove and when he saw me, he kept on laughing and laughing. Do I look funny when I drive? I’m just a bit not too tall, thats all! I drove, yes, while he ate, and we reached Serangoon North, where he took a long long time to choose and buy 3 tins of paint and the painting tools, before we made our way to his house, with the help from my sister. Helped my sister to drive her car to Bt Merah ‘cos she’s returning her boss’s car to her house nearby.

Then we had wanted to bring his mum out for dinner but the mum already had her dinner. She did cook some Tang Yuan for us though. We only went out quite late to Vivocity to buy presents for my mum and godma, and MY present, from WZ, of course. Oh well, I managed to choose one necklace from Chomel. ^^ Doesn’t really matter, I like the necklace a lot. We had Yoshinoya late at night.

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