Search For A Car

Had planned to go out and study, but in the end, after breakfast, we went to look at cars. Dad likes the Avante from Hyundai but seriously, the price is a bit too high. Tyra came with us and you can see she’s overjoyed. Jumping from one car to another. It was so funny when she headed for the Coupe. She couldn’t find the back doors, so she ran from one side to another, and finally gave up on that car when she couldn’t found any. Then we went to look at Proton… Oh terrible… And then Kia, Picanto’s price went up. And finally Mitsubishi… Which car? I have no idea. But dad had better get one which he really likes. Else he’ll end up wanting to change car again.

Oh… We failed to go and study after that. We ended up at Bishan, shopping for presents,before sending WZ home. Time passes so fast when he’s around. ^^

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