Half Day On X’mas Eve?

Hmm… Its already 3.13pm and I’m still at work. Today is Christmas eve… Half day is out… Just hoping that there will be at least a… 1/4 day off? Sigh… But till now, there’s still no news of it… and it seems like we will be working all the way till 6.30pm. F***… I’ll leave ON DOT if that’s the case.

SO PISSED! Out of nowhere, my new PM gathered the 3 of us – me, EY and HB, and told us that he needed us to do something. For GOODNESS SAKE, all the 3 of us are so tied down in the BIG project, how does he expect us to have time to do any other things. And he’s so… NAGGY… Well, in the end, HB had to do it. I don’t think I can spare the time since HB already need to be out. So EY had to do it… But… Sigh… I wonder if I can finished all those things on time… Able to go off at 4.30pm but ended up, I left at about 6pm and reached home at 7pm. Prepared to go out and luckily Leon got lost and was around Hougang. So I got him to come and fetch me and WZ and I was so shock when I went down… ‘cos from afar… I saw someone, a female, sitting next to him. Someone whom I don’t know! After some investigation, she was a friend of Leon, called Suzanne, 21 years old and stays in Boon Keng. Hmm… So secretive… We went to fetch WZ at Buangkok MRT and went to Flora’s house for steamboat. After dinner and rotting in the house for quite a while, we finally made our way to Junction 8 to watch “I Am Legend”. On the way, I was so pissed with Leon… asked him to follow Jackson… and he was practically “racing” his way because they were doing that. =.=”’ Vios… I can feel it flying… and he doesn’t seem like a safe driver to me! Anyway… the movie wasn’t fantastic… Sigh… Rather disappointing. Went to WZ’s house to overnight.

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