Merry Christmas 2007!

Still remember a year ago, at this time, I was at Zhu Zhu’s house… Went to his house on the eve to eat log cake and drink at the same time. But who knows… he can’t really drink and ended up vomiting… =.=”’ But it was a memorable night. ^^ This morning, I woke him up again. We are going for the Christmas lunch at Noble House with my family. Felt so nice…

After the lunch, we went home to open the presents. Both of us were so tired. But the kids were SO happy… opening presents after presents… ^^ We took a short nap after that and woke up only around evening. He was trying to study because he needs to do his tutorial by today. But ended up, I helping him to do while he played MJ with my mum and godma. Wasn’t too bad, he did try to do it after that too. Well, he stayed in my house for the night, called his mum and apparently, his mum wasn’t really that happy… Hmm… Am I snatching his boy boy away? Hmm… *scary* But it really felt nice to have him sleep beside me… ^^ *Happy Happy*

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