Abandoned Again

Oh… This is SO TERRIBLE! I felt so abandoned! I went out with WZ for K Lunch, then after that he abandoned me! For what? To buy my present! But how can he abandoned me! Its a Saturday!

4.30pm already… I’m SO BORED!… Just now scolded Ah Xin ‘cos he never study… Anyhow write the spellings that I asked him to, and he still can’t remember those words! Anyway… he cried again… as usual… Oh… I’m really so bored… I felt like I’m tortured before I get something sweet. Honestly, I don’t really care who he goes out with, be it a guy or a gal, but I hates it when last minute then I get to know. If want to lie to me, lie all the way! Else, just tell me straight. But the ONE THING I really HATE is… HOW CAN HE ABANDON ME ON A SATURDAY!!! A SATURDAY!!

Finally he messaged… 7.30pm already… 4.5 hours gone since he left me… Never mind, at least he said 8 plus will finish. I shall wait for an hour or so. Have to pass the CDs to SS also…

Its already 9.30pm… I had already came back from passing the CDs to SS and buying a bottle of milk. No appetite… No, he’s not back yet… I sat on the sofa, stoning… I really felt abandoned… No, I didn’t want to spend my Saturday like that… I just to hug him tight… *CRY*

Yes! He’s finally back! I MISS HIM SO MUCH!

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