1st Anniversary Present

I was on my way to work when I felt my bowel rumbling… Shit… Shit is coming out… I controlled and dashed out of Clarke Quay MRT… *Phew*… Luckily I made it… LS… On the last day… Thats how I started my day today…

AH! $52.50 for the lunch last Friday! And I thought the boss treat… =.=”’ If thats the case, I should opt out… Not as if I love to eat meat a lot… Wonder if got half day today… *pray*

Saw so many people going home just now… Of course… it ISN’T FROM OUR COMPANY!!! *SOB SOB*… Just now went to ask the HR, no, we are not going to even have 1/4 day off… Terrible… Its the last day of the year…

Alright, at least it wasn’t that bad. We are able to leave at 5pm. I did, at around 5.30pm and went straight to Zhu Zhu’s house, who was playing computer game… And then he showed me the present that he had been doing. Guess what? It was a movie clip! Done by himself! I was SOOOO TOUCHED! I mean, he doesn’t really deal with all these computer stuffs but now he actually went to do one movie clip! Not very nicely done, but it seems perfect to me. And he used the song which I love – 永远爱着你, by Grasshoppers. So sweet. ^^ Thats my 1st Anniversary present!

We went back to my home at around 10pm. Before that, we went to SGH to buy some cakes from Polar. Anyway, went home and played MJ with my mum and Godma… Dad managed to come home on 2007… and then its 2008!

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