I Need 75 Hours

Tired… I can hardly open my eyes. Slept at 2am last night. Sigh… Cannot sleep so late already. CT said that sleeping late is one of the cause of developing cancer. Better try and sleep earlier. I’m deploying my project now and just now trying to sew the hearts. 3 Done ONLY. If one heart […]


Suddenly I have an urge to write down all the things that we have given to each other. Let’s see…2006 Christmas:– Mashimaro Soft Toy (Him)– Wooden Toy Aeroplane (Her)2007 Valentines’ Day:– A Heart-shaped Bottle filled with Panda Biscuits and Strips of Paper with words & a XXX game (Him)– 2 Small Vodka Bottles filled with […]

Prepare For A War

I’m hungry… I need to eat… But there isn’t anymore milo in the company already. Fio had thought that we are moving so she never ordered and looks like she’s not going to order still… Damn… How to prepare for the war…?Don’t think I’m doing any OT tonight. My hand kind of hurt… Think its […]

Bird SHIT!!

Healthy… I need to go on diet and exercise more… Woke up and got dragged by WZ to jog at the small park nearby. But it was so hot by then… so I only jogged for a little while. Then we went to the machine corner. It was actually quite fun. We never exercise for […]

Peace & Quiet

Its been quite a while since I woke up so early and just sit here in front of my computer… doing nothing… Nice… Later I’ll be meeting WZ at Tanglin Mall to study… Attempt to again.Changed of plan… In the end, I met up with him an hour later because he went to shit and […]

P = A2

I’m in the office now. Saw EZ’s MSN message: P = A2. So I went to ask her, what does it stand for… Performance = Attitude + Ability. Well, it seems rather true… Had a talk with NN this morning. She felt like quitting. Her project that she was supposed to be doing was canceled […]