Happy 2008!!

Time passes so fast! Its already 2008! I still remembered that I started this blog on the last day of 2006 to keep track of the things that I wanted to do. And then everyday, I jot down those things that happened, at least for most. And now, its already 2008! Well… 2007… hasn’t been that bad for me. My family and my Zhu Zhu… everything seems to go well. My work? Hmm… wasn’t TOO bad but definitely there’s room for improvement. Anyway, for that, I’ll really need to plan it out since… I have to think a bit further, especially on the recession that most probably will be happening in 2009… My resolution? Haha… How to say… June 2009, I had wanted to achieve all those things but up till now… not even 10% had been done… Yes yes yes… I know I ought to put in more effort. I’ll try though! But at least now I’m more decisive and I know what to wear most of the time!

Woke up this morning feeling so great! Especially with my Darling beside me. Woke up rather early to go to the OG warehouse sale somewhere in the Bedok industrial area. Bought 3 tops and 1 jacket. Cost $75 in total. Then we went somewhere nearby for lunch before my sister dropped me and WZ at Kovan’s McDonald to study. We didn’t study much because WZ don’t have the mood anymore. Seems like… if we really want to study, he can’t come to my house the night before. Have to think of a plan. Anyway, went to watch AVP2 with him, my sister and her friend at Lido. Scary… but I’ll give it only 3.5 stars at the most. After that we went to DOME for dinner on the 4th level. I had caesar salad only. I need to go on diet!

Zhu Zhu asked me if I feel sad about such a boring Anniversary… To me, it doesn’t really matter… as long as he is around me… ^^ I love him so much! Everything will go well this year!

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