Left Over Flats?

Hmm… Today is Thursday, 3rd of Jan. I went to see the available flats for booking in Sengkang… 78 left for chinese… Hmm… Don’t think we’ve got the chance to take a unit… So sad… My old unit’s taken…

I seriously DON’T LIKE my NEW PM… He’s way of asking people to do things, sound like commanding kind… KNS.

I don’t know why… but I don’t feel good, as in… I don’t feel happy. No no, I love my Darling, there’s nothing wrong between us. And I missed him so much at this point. It’s just that life… well… Heard from Skyes that Leon got a girlfriend, did I mention that before? Her name is Iris… Hmm… Looks rather fierce in the photo. But well, as long as he likes it. Hmm… Think its because of my gastric and stomach, then don’t feel too well, thats why I felt so moody. And of course, as usual, money… Why is everything about money?

I feel like vomiting for the whole of today. If tomorrow is the same, then I’ll take MC but of course, will still work from home. Had passed information to HB already. WT will be canceling his annual leave and coming back to work tomorrow. The flats left 70… probably still got 400 people in front of me… I’m waiting for Zhu Zhu to come now.

Went to swim for a short while. Don’t really feel too well. Dad didn’t drive the car out because he teared the coupon wrongly today. Anyway… WZ was so naggy till I stayed in his house. Taking MC tomorrow.

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