No Milk. Nothing Oily Or Spicy.

I’m on MC today! Sigh… Its already 3.25pm. Took a short nap just now but got woken up by WZ’s sms. Anyway, yesterday I had a very weird dream. I dreamt that I was with WZ on a beach, and I could see the Sentosa, and Harbourfront from where I am. Suddenly, I saw something exploded at a building, somewhere like maybe 4th level. That building was probably only 10 levels high. Subsequently, it began shooting out debris which hit another building. So it started hitting, and there’s more explosions and the next moment, Sentosa and Harbourfront were flatten out!! Hmm… That was about it… Couldn’t remember the rest of it.

I went to see the doctor in the morning. Said the same thing to me. “No milk. Nothing oily. Nothing spicy.” Oh… Life seems so meaningless when I heard that… and I misses my Darling! Although he always fights blanket with me. ^^

It doesn’t feel good to be sick, though it wasn’t very serious but I hate it when my nose kept getting blocked and I kept farting… and I feel so tired for the whole day. No, I never do a lot of things. Tried to do some work but by 3pm, I gave up and took a short nap. Then at night, Uncle Ah Hock came and bought a lot of food, I ate a lot too. Packed my room until its a bit cleaner then thats it! One day is gone…

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