$480,000 = A 4-Room HDB Flat

Its facial time! Its been so long since I’d last went for facial. And its so freaking painful! My tears flowed out everytime she squeezed out those oil… Anyway, I went to meet my Darling after my facial. Didn’t go to the gym because he said that I just had my facial. So we decided to go jogging early next morning (decided ONLY). We went home and bought the fish bee hoon under his flat for lunch. And you know what he told me that day? He told me to forget about the flats in Jln Membina. I asked him why and he asked me to guess the price of a 4-room flat over there. You know how much is it? It’s around $480,000 according to one of his customer! Damn! It’s so FREAKING EXPENSIVE! Sigh… Suddenly I lost all my mood… The plans… seem to be… terrible… BTO needs to wait too long. His area too expensive… Sigh…

Well, we slept throughout till evening before the both of us went out for dinner at Wild Wild West and then to Takashimaya where we bought 2 pairs of slippers and his underwear!

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