Economy Crisis Coming

I read the newspaper and got a shock when people are already preparing for the crisis whereas my family… my dad still wants to buy a new car and my sister is still spending so much money! What can I do?

The query and the cleaning up are both still running. I just hope I can finished running the query because it’s really so terrible. Just called Five Stars and Transtar to check on the price for Genting. Rounding up… one person (5 of us) will cost slightly less than $160. Zhu Zhu volunteered to pay for me. Hmm… seems weird but anyway, I accepted it but I’ll pay for the expenses though.

Shit… Just went over to ask IC about my leave application for the February and she said that the project is going to roll out. And that I can’t apply for the leave unless SK is here. She don’t trust HB… Sigh… Don’t understand why I still bother so much… I shouldn’t have… I’m really quite sick of everything. Take leave also cannot.

Oh… I think I’m going to faint! Ran half way and that something happened… Disconnected… EZ didn’t know that I was running the thing, so when she saw that the replication died, she went to restart the server and TADA! Sigh… my fault… I never see clearly… Now that everything is running, it seems like there’s a lot of things which I haven’t finished doing… Damn…

I went to meet NN after work. It’s been a long time since I’d last saw her. Yes, we complained, again. We always have a lot of things to complain. She recommended me to try out NCS or ST. Probably I will do just that. We went home around 9.30pm. She sent me home. Gosh… she drives really slowly… like 60km/h all the way. But still, the whole journey wasn’t too bad. I reached home and started doing my work, deploying the things… which I did until 1am… and then I tried to sleep but couldn’t…

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