Holiday Cancelled…?

Hmm… Just heard from WZ that he probably won’t be able to take any leave because somebody else took the leave already. And now we are thinking of when to go for the holiday instead. Too early, it’s CNY and I won’t be able to take leave because HB won’t be around. A week before, he would have missed his tutorial. After that week, it will soon be his exams. So how? EZ just said that Boney will be leaving… I wonder when I can get my bonus…

WAKE UP! I just finished deploying the pre-migration scripts. No, I can’t continue feeling so depressed! It’s a total waste of time! I must wake up! Wake up! Wake up! List down all the things that I want to do and NEED to do!

Just had lunch at Botak Jones @ Depot Road… Sigh… Western food again. Seems like its quite impossible for me to go on diet. GC came so we went lunch with her. Going to have a meeting soon. Maybe I should go to the toilet and sit for a while.

RL called just now. You know what he wants? He again wanted me to be his secretary because he couldn’t really find anyone and that I’d worked with him before. But… secretary cum HR? I think I’ll be crazy to go into that. My prospects will all be gone. GONE! Hmm… But nonetheless, I’ll be meeting him tomorrow to see what he has to offer. ^^

WZ gave me 2 options. (1) Applied for Damai Grove in Punggol now, get married in 2009, consider having a baby a year later in 2010, get the keys and move into the flat in 2011. Throw the baby to my parents, his mum will be 62 by then. (2) Get married in 2009 and look for resale flat in Tiong Bahru, which might cost double, consider having a baby a year later in 2010. Hmm…

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