Leave Application Approved!

*Phew* I’m so tired! Been busy for the whole day! Early in the morning, while trying to settle down, guess who I saw? SK!! She’s back! I was so happy! Because that would mean my leave will be approved and IT DID! ^^ And some more, those queries that I had, I managed to solve it!

Talked to Nadi also and I think I’ll choose the first choice that Zhu Zhu gave me. It seems more feasible. Called HDB to clarify on the MCPS and no, we are not in any of it. But well, will just try our luck and see how things goes. After all, that place ain’t too bad after some thinking.

Lunch came and I went for lunch with RL. Hmm… his offer? No thanks… Total up, its like $3,500 + commission and I have to work like 0.5 days more. What’s the point? No point… I like the way I’m working now. 5 days work. FULL-STOP. Thanks for the treat, RL, but… no thank you. ^^

8 days cocked up. Its more of the database. Then spent a long time discussing the schedule with IC on the deployment… Well, already 6.08pm. I’m going to meet my Darling for dinner later! Tonight I’ll be staying over at his house. ^^

We went for dinner at Pizza Hut @ PS just now… Terrible… We stood there for a while, there were quite a lot of empty seats but nobody came to entertain us. They kept walking around, “acting” busy until FINALLY, one girl came to us. But my Darling was so pissed off that he wanted to see the manager. So the manager came and my Darling started scolding… Well… it wasn’t without logic. One guy behind us just went straight in to sit down. Terrible… And then after that he started criticizing on Muslims… Hmm… not all are bad, of course… I had a tiff with him because of that. Sigh… Can’t they just prove some more to people?

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