Old & Weak

I woke up, still in the exact position I was the night before, right after putting down the phone with my Darling. My body is aching, especially the legs… must be because of the painting. Its only 4am… I switched back to my usual sleeping position and dozed off again…

*Yawn* Good morning! Its a Sunday morning! Oh… so fast? I haven’t really done anything yet!

Draw 4 pictures for my mum for the CNY decorations. Testing my cousin JT on his vocabulary. Today ain’t too bad. Waiting for my Darling to come now! He finally finished painting his house! (with some of the thing excluded, of course)

Yes!! I’m so happy that I can finally see my Zhu Zhu! Been so long since I last saw him. He’s SO CUTE!! His face same as the orange! But its alright, I still love him! We went Kovan for dinner. Godma and cousin never go with us because the TT threw tantrums again and don’t want her grandmother to go out of her house. Her parents? Well, the both of them were just sitting in the living room and ignore everything. Terrible… How can they do that? Spoiling their kid like that… Should take and whack else just ignore her… Can’t confirm the Genting trip till Wednesday. Hopefully WZ’s application for leave is approved.

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