Face The Wall!

I’d been watching the Coffee Prince and doing work at the same time for the whole day! Think I’m addicted to it!

Hmm… talked to WT just now… He mentioned that my this year’s bonus will be better than last year… and there’s something EXTRA… Hmm… *ponder*

Stupid WZ! We reached his house after paying his school fees and ate our dinner. Then by right, his mum already cooked some food, so we didn’t buy additional food to eat. But when we reached home, somehow, the food wasn’t there… then I went to switch on his computer to watch Coffee Prince and stupidly, the DVD drive hang! Then he just stared at me and scolded me, told me not to touch his computer and blah blah blah… Bloody hell… I fixed it but never talked to him. I was so pissed off! How can he just scold at me like that! Anyway, after fixing already, I wanted to leave but think he knew he’s at fault. So in the end, I asked him to face the wall… and he really did! Well, I couldn’t help but find it funny… *giggles* So cute… and so idiotic! Stupid Zhu Zhu! Temper really bad…

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