Loyang “Tua Beh Gong”

Headache… WZ went to work already. I just woken up at his house… Headache… Had a hungover, I think. But last night, it was fun, though I never get to dance much. I washed up, packed my bag and went back home. Bought lunch back for my family. Bought a book on fortune telling too.

Went out to meet WZ. Terrible… Alighted at Chinatown as usual but then realize that the buses never go to that particular bus-stop. So I had to walk to the previous one. But half way there, it started to drizzle… then it rained SO heavily suddenly till taking out an umbrella doesn’t seem that useful! Bloody hell… I just washed my hair. It was rather pissing because first I need to walk to another bus-stop, secondly, I’m a bit drenched! Sigh… And Zhu Zhu never come down to fetch me…

Had dinner at Sushi Don with K&Gang. K became darker after his reservist but looks more manly. J somehow had a target, called Kingsly… some designer for a Bridal shop at Marina Square… Wonder which one is it. Maybe can try searching online. We kept teasing him till he don’t know what to say. And K was so funny. He kept delaying the time for J to meet this new guy. In the end when we finally left, they decided to go to this Loyang “Tua Beh Gong”… I can’t go in because my menses was here so I waited outside for half an hour before we went back to WZ’s house. C went out with her friend.

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