$50 Allowance

Ah! My darling gave me $50 for my allowance! Because I don’t have money anymore. Found it a bit weird to receive money from him but somehow it seems quite SWEET! ^^ Wasn’t feeling that awake this morning. Darling came to my house to stay the night before. But think we slept too late so almost couldn’t wake up. Secretly took MC at a clinic at Telok Blangah. He brought me there… and I’ve seen the weirdest doctor ever. Below is the weird conversation:

Doc: So how can I help you?
Me: Headache and cough at night.
Doc: Dry cough?
Me: O.o?
Doc: Got phlegm? Drank enough water?
Me: No phlegm. 2 litres per day?
Doc: Oh no no… you need to drink at least 3 litres a day! It will cure the cough, the headache. You got gastric? Water will also cure gastric! Its not the food that will cure! Blah and blah and blah… *faintz*

We went to a lot of places after that, on the bike, under the sun and occasionally drizzle. Novena Furniture and Nova Furnishings but well, after that, he still couldn’t decide. So we went home and took a nap before we went to IKEA for dinner with his mum. And then shop around inside. Tiring day… and he didn’t want to come to my house and overnight. But alright… I wasn’t really unhappy. Just really tired.

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