Finally Free Of Debts

After calculations and more calculations, yes, I’d decided to clear off my debts. For once, I don’t want to feel that burden on my back. 3 years of working… To pay off everything. $35,000 for school loans, $10,000 for the canceled flat, $4,000 for the delayed allowance for mum and Australia trip. That’s almost $50,000 already… Not calculating other miscellaneous stuff… Sigh… When can I earn that $50,000 back?

Oh… I HATE this kind of feeling… like so clouded… clouded by too many things… too many things to do… till I don’t know which to start first. It’s not the first time already. It always happen to me… because that’s how I’m like. I tried to prioritize those things but the worst is… all of these seems so important to me… Damn it…

Gym, gym, gym… always go gym while I continue to become fatter. Win already! Stupid working hours. Until 6.30pm don’t know for what. I FEEL SO FAT! Bloody hell… 45.8kg! Don’t even know where I got that 3.8kg from! Stupid idiot!

Walked from my office to IKEA area… I really don’t like this area… The buses are always packed with elders… and they squeezed and squeezed and pushed… =.=”’ Am I getting married on the 1st January 2010?

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