Peace & Quiet

Its been quite a while since I woke up so early and just sit here in front of my computer… doing nothing… Nice… Later I’ll be meeting WZ at Tanglin Mall to study… Attempt to again.

Changed of plan… In the end, I met up with him an hour later because he went to shit and was late. We met at the Long John Silver at MacDonald’s House after some stupid discussion. And then I started my readings on the Fortune Telling. It wasn’t too bad but I think I’ve got much more to learn. We went to Orchard OG to meet my mum and Godma. He finally managed to get a pair of leather shoes… Pierre Cardin, $143… I think he’s starting to spend more ever since he’s with me… We went to MOS Burger for supper after that.

Oh yes! I saw these yarns and beads at Spotlight! It was really so nice! I meant the colours and designs… But I have no idea what I can do with it… =.=”’ And my cute little boyfriend asked me to knit a sweater for him before the Genting trip. Its totally impossible…

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