Bird SHIT!!

Healthy… I need to go on diet and exercise more… Woke up and got dragged by WZ to jog at the small park nearby. But it was so hot by then… so I only jogged for a little while. Then we went to the machine corner. It was actually quite fun. We never exercise for long because we were supposed to go to KBOX but in the end, we sang karaoke at my house! And we ordered a lot of karaoke DVDs! I went out with my sister after that, to the Converse and OP warehouse sale. Got 2 berms and 1 top for WZ. Got myself 4 tops and a dress. Cost me $56. Cheap! Cheap! WZ? He slept at home… =.=”’

Went for dinner at HK street… $130.10 for 11 people. Rather cheap. WZ managed to buy his wardrobe at $268, at one of the furniture shop in my house area. But as we were walking back home… Suddenly “doop”… bird shit hit my ear!!! DAMN IT! IT WAS SO GROSS!!!

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