Prepare For A War

I’m hungry… I need to eat… But there isn’t anymore milo in the company already. Fio had thought that we are moving so she never ordered and looks like she’s not going to order still… Damn… How to prepare for the war…?

Don’t think I’m doing any OT tonight. My hand kind of hurt… Think its due to the long period of using the mouse. Its already 6pm. SK is inside having the A meeting… Hmm… Why didn’t they ask me to go in? Because I’m busy? Hmm… I’m trying to psycho my Zhu Zhu to stay overnight at my house today… He didn’t want me to go to his school to wait for him because he’s taking his bike and the break time is short. Sigh… When can I see him again? Looks like today cannot make it… *SOB*

Failed… He don’t want to come to my house because he have to wake up early tomorrow… *CRY*… I miss my Darling… Why always like that one?…

Haha… Eventually I still went… Love him and miss him too much! ^^

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