Suddenly I have an urge to write down all the things that we have given to each other. Let’s see…

2006 Christmas:
– Mashimaro Soft Toy (Him)
– Wooden Toy Aeroplane (Her)

2007 Valentines’ Day:
– A Heart-shaped Bottle filled with Panda Biscuits and Strips of Paper with words & a XXX game (Him)
– 2 Small Vodka Bottles filled with Paper (message) Rolled Up [From 22 Nov 2006 till 14 Feb 2007 = 85 pieces] & HP accessories with each other names on it (Her)

2007 Birthday:
– Titus Watch (Him)
– Mont Blanc Wallet (Her)

2007 6 Months Surprise:
– A Booklet of Drawings of the 2 Pigs [Things that we did together] (Her)

2007 Christmas:
– A Heart-shaped Necklace (Him)
– 2 Ties (Her)

2008 1st Year Anniversary:
– A Movie Clip done by Himself, with Our Photos (Him)
– HAVEN’T GIVE!! @$)!&%^&

2008 Valentines’ Day is coming! I know what I want to do already but… Hmm… Wonder if I got the time… LC just cut her hair, something like the Jellyfish, she said… Yes… But something different. ^^ Read the news and seems like the bird flu in Jakarta can’t really be contained. Will humans be exterminated? Mayan Prophecy… 21 December 2012…

Discussed with CT on my financial planning till midnight. Need to pay an extra of like…$200… Wonder if its really worth it… But it does feels scary when you are totally not protected at all. If illness were to really come and there’s nothing you can do. But more or less thats it. The rest of my money, I’ll save it. At least I’ve got some liquid cash.

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