I Need 75 Hours

Tired… I can hardly open my eyes. Slept at 2am last night. Sigh… Cannot sleep so late already. CT said that sleeping late is one of the cause of developing cancer. Better try and sleep earlier. I’m deploying my project now and just now trying to sew the hearts. 3 Done ONLY. If one heart takes about 10 minutes, i need 450 hearts, which will be… 4,500 minutes = 75 hours! Damn… like I have 75 hours… =.=”’

It must be the lack of sleep… A lady said she’s from Citibank and asked me if I want to increase my credit limit, then asked me to verify my particulars. I blur blur just verified it. It was only after that then I realized I don’t even know if its REAL! Damn it… I had to call the Citibank line to ask them if they really will call and ask. Yes, they will… But who knows… What’s wrong with all the phone calls…

I hate those sales people who called and when you told them that you are not interested, they still continue to ask you the next question as if you NEVER said that you are NOT interested. =.=”’ I hung up that lady’s phone. Blame it on her luck. I’m tired and pissed now. I want to go home! Its 6.11pm…

We went to watch “Sweeney Todd” at night. It was so BLOODY! The first person that he killed, I almost PUKE! Bloody… Bloody… But it was rather say. He ended up killing his own wife because he didn’t know THAT is his wife since the other lady told him that she committed suicide but never told him that she never died. And he almost killed his own daughter also. Sigh… What a movie… But Darling was very sweet. He sent me back home and stayed overnight at my house! ^^

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