First Reunion Dinner

I woke up and started stitching the hearts again before preparing to go out to meet Zhu Zhu. Today we are going to the gym at his SP Club. But when we reached there, we didn’t workout that much and we went for lunch already. Why? Because I’m hungry and his wardrobe is coming! Finally a wardrobe in his room.

No… The wardrobe never came because it was raining heavily. So we slept until 6.30pm before we finally woke up and realized that we were really late. Late for what? Our reunion dinner at Jeff’s house! It was nice to see everybody there, almost everyone except Leon. Apparently we called and he was out with Iris. Even R came, took train then bus. *touched* Oh well, WZ was rather pissed with Leon for being so “hong” since its not the first time that he did that. Hmm… For me? I think its a bit too much… He should just come and meet us, then later go out and meet his Iris. That will be a lot better, since when we called him at 11pm, it was then that he said he is going to meet Iris. We already finished the dinner by then. But anyway, it’s still nice. They played MJ at K’s house after that. Today is SS’s birthday!

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