The New Wardrobe

Yes! The new wardrobe is here! We took my Dad’s car and went back to WZ’s house, just in time for the Uncle to send the wardrobe. But… I top up my Dad’s petrol, full tank, and you know how much it cost? $72.70! Damn! Petrol is so freaking expensive nowadays! Sigh… But what to do since I need to use my Dad’s car. Anyway, we went back home after that where they played MJ and I just sang a little bit of karaoke. Then at night, we went to the New York New York for dinner. $101.46! Sigh… I think most likely I’ll pay again… That’s why I don’t really like to go to restaurants… Everytime I need to pay. Its not a lot. But see, $100… Probably its better to give it to CT. Went to Zhu Zhu’s house to overnight. Hmm… Got kidnapped again.

Heard something funny today though. You know my Darling? He said that when he was still studying in Secondary. One day after his exams, on his way back on a bus. Suddenly there’s 2 Ah Beng sitting behind him. Then one of them came and sat beside him and asked (in Hokkien), “Hey, where you ‘hun’ one?”. So without any doubts, he asked back, “You tell me first.” So obediently, the guy told him and then he replied, “So? I don’t ‘hun’ anywhere.” And then he kept quiet. The guy then later went back to sit behind him. But soon after, he felt something burning, so he touched his hair and realized that his hair was burnt! Angrily, he turned around and confronted the Ah Beng but he shook his head. Then he saw the other guy holding a lighter, irritated and without saying anything, he gave that guy a punch into his face. Then when he alighted from the bus, the 2 Ah Beng followed him. The guy who wasn’t hit, kept asking him how come he hit his friend and wanted to fight with him one-on-one. Still feeling angry, he just went over and gave that guy a punch… Well… the story after that wasn’t that interesting anymore. But… it’s just seems amusing to me… MY Zhu Zhu… punching people… Hmm…

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